How to get rid of redness around nose?

How to get rid of redness around nose?

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Do you struggle with redness around nose? Does skin near your nose get flaky like dandruff and is always dry no matter how much moisturizer you apply? Well, many people struggle with this skin problem; no one knows how to avoid it.

First and foremost, the thing is you should not ignore these signs. I’ve been struggling with this same issue for years and never knew that this skin condition will stay this long.

Here are some simple steps I took to get rid of redness around nose. First I talked about some simple things that might have cause this skin condition and which I took into consideration first.

Then I have mentioned some steps which helped me to get rid of redness around nose.

get rid of redness around nose.
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How I noticed redness around my nose?

When I was in college my friend called out to me and said, “Hey, your nose is red are you sick?” and I for some reason said, “No, I am fine. Maybe, my skin is dry, and because of that it might be looking like that”.

And after that, I took action and tried to fix it with some home remedies but it didn’t work for me.

One of the worst things you can do is listen to some random people on the internet and apply things that you shouldn’t apply. Like Lemon juice! Yes, I applied lemon juice and it burnt like hell. The pain is similar to applying lemon juice to a wound.

And this skin condition remained with me for my entire college life. And it looked even worst during functions and parties. Because it will highlight on my face to have red crease around nose.

Will the redness around my nose stay forever?

Not really, it only depends on the skin condition. But I have mentioned some of the easiest ways you can tackle this skin condition. I am not an expert, but some things which worked for me might work for you too!

Find the product that causes redness around nose
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1 Find the problem

The first step in getting rid of redness around your nose is to identify the culprit that is generating the irritation. One of the main causes of redness around the nose is skin irritation, which can be brought on by ingredients in skincare products like alcohol, artificial scents, and tints, as well as harsh makeup wipes. 

You might notice that after using a particular product your skin is getting worst and is hard to recover. For me, it was Coconut oil. I don’t know why but I used coconut oil constantly even though it burned the affected area and caused more redness around my nose.

That doesn’t mean you should never use coconut oil. If it works for you then it is great and you should always choose products that work for you.

2 Dehydration

So, If you are someone who faces this issue only in winter then there might be a chance that you are not having enough water. Many people know that their skin gets worst during winter because of the cold weather and if you have dry skin, you know it too.

As the weather is cold, we just forget to drink water and the average intake of water on your normal days can be cut down to half during winter. That doesn’t mean that you should drink 3 litters of water every day. But drink an adequate amount of water each day.

Even if you don’t want it to try to drink a minimum of 6 glasses of water. And see how it works wonderfully for your skin.

One of the simplest ways to hydrate the skin is by applying a hydrating essence. You can then add a hydrating serum and dab it on the nose area. Skin dehydration can also produce redness around the nose.

Food that causes redness around nose
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3 Food

Remember what you eat and put inside your body will show outside. Most people don’t take food seriously until they know that certain food can cause harm to them. People only avoid foods that they know are allergic to them and cause them serious health issues,

Grain items, such as tortillas, bread, pasta, grits, and rice Bita and yeast-containing alcohols like wine and Seltzer beers. Your scalp will remain dry, itchy, red, flaking, and scaly thanks to yeast and sugars from grains.

 Yeast is a fungus that easily spreads throughout your body and feeds on the natural oils secreted by your scalp. Since yeast essentially consumes natural oils, it can create an infection.

Now that we have covered some basics, I want to tell you what I discovered about my Skin condition. There is no proof that you might be going through the same but it’s always better to know than to Ignore it.

get rid of redness around nose.
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4 Seborrheic dermatitis

It is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that is similar to dandruff on the scalp and can affect any part of the body, but it tends to concentrate in places with a lot of oil glands.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a kind of eczema that typically affects the scalp, but it can also cause redness around nose, swelling, and wheezy scaling on the sides of the nose.

This skin problem, especially in persons with pale skin, frequently manifests as these red areas and a lot of flakes. Anywhere there are numerous oil glands, including the area around the lips, the eyebrows, the beard, and the nose, flaky patches might develop.

There is no known treatment for this chronic condition. But you should do your research before you find what skin condition you have

How to deal with Redness around the nose?

How to deal with Redness around the nose?
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1 Cleaning

Many people ignore it and I did too. I have dry skin so washing my face does not make any sense to me but once I got tired of my skin condition, I started washing my face with lukewarm water.

I am still struggling to find the best face wash for me but lukewarm water works best because it takes down all the dust and oil from your skin. Make sure you wipe down the water gently and if possible, use a freshly washed towel to avoid any skin problems.

This helped me with redness around nose and also got rid of blackheads with this soft brittle brush.

2 Moisturizer

Once you washed your face it’s best to apply moisture immediately and lock in all the moisture. I apply a thick layer of moisturizer on the corner of my lips and nose since they tend to get dry more.

3 Gua Sha

Gua sha is thought to increase blood flow, encourage the formation of collagen, and enhance the skin’s overall appearance. Gua sha is additionally used by certain people to soothe facial tension and wrinkles, as well as to relax the face and jaw.

So, if you don’t have a Gua sha no problem uses your fingers and start the massage on your face. Use some massaging oil so your hands glide smoothly on your face. You can always look for inspiration on how to do some facial massage on Youtube.

Gua Sha will help to stimulate the skin around your nose and you will redness around nose is vanished.

Gua sha to cure redness around your nose
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4 Steam

This is controversial because many people think that using steam can make your skin loose and is not good for you. But this worked for me.

Because I had redness around nose and irritated skin around my nose using any product on that area made it worse. So, steaming helped me to get rid of those blackheads which I usually got rid of with some exfoliating agent or scrub. Also, it helped me with overall skin dryness and helped to improve my skin.

How to get rid of redness around nose with clean scalp
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5 Scalp

Do not ignore your scalp. It’s a good idea to maintain proper scalp health even if you don’t have noticeable dandruff because you might find some patches of it if you search through your hairline. One of the best things you can do to control any skin issues on your face is to cleanse your scalp.

Many people also face lots of skin issues because of dandruff which eventually slides down their faces.

These are a few techniques that helped me get rid of the redness around my nose. These are easy and you can try them at home and see results for yourself.

If this doesn’t work you need to see a dermatologist and get help from the right people. But please don’t ignore it as I did.

If you have dandruff then try this easy ways to get rid of dandruff.

Things you should consider before you buy any products.
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Things you should consider before you buy any products.

It’s crucial to look for hydrating and nourishing skincare products while selecting items for dry skin. Glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides are among the ingredients that can aid in drawing and holding moisture to the skin.

Astringents like alcohol should be avoided because they might cause the skin to become even drier. Additionally, it’s critical to search for non-comedogenic products because those with dry skin are more likely to experience clogged pores.

It is advised to first cleanse your skin gently with and fragrance-free cleanser, then hydrate your skin using a moisturizer made especially for dry skin.

To provide more hydration, you can also use a facial oil or serum. In order to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, it is also advised to exfoliate once a week.

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