How to be happy in life

How to be happy in life? 11 ways to feel happy instantly!

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Learn how to be happy in life with this simple guide to make every day worth living.

We often hear the term that happiness is not something we can have but we can make a choice.

We often feel this big grudging question “How to be happy” or “How to feel happy” While happiness is a choice sometimes we are so stuck with our past wiring that we forget how to be happy.

Sure thing! Here’s a more engaging and conversational take on that thought:

Happiness might seem elusive, but it’s actually one of the easiest things to achieve. It might feel challenging at times, but with consistency and a bit of effort, you can find joy in every day. Keep at it, and watch your days become brighter!

Happiness is not a destination; it’s a journey, a way of living, and a state of mind.

1) Wallpaper

First and foremost if you really want to know how to be happy in life then you need to remind yourself.
What do you do on a daily basis that brings you a little bit of joy? And yes little bit of joy can instantly make your entire day.

How to be Happy wallpaper

So to remind yourself to bring joy into your life have a wallpaper that is a reminder for you. You can ask questions like what did you do today to make yourself happy or How are you feeling today?

The secret to be happy is to feel happy. So you must know how to feel happy?

How to be Happy wallpaper

This way you can take a pause from your schedule for a few seconds and think about things you know that will make you happy. Remember a small moment from today that made your day.

It’s that simple. But to know how to be happy on your own first decide to start acknowledging this little joy of your day.

How to be Happy wallpaper

2) How to be Happy with Gratitude

How to make yourself happy? Gratitude!

Well sometimes we go through a regular day where nothing major happens and everything seems boring. Or sometimes there are not even single moment of joy you could think of at current moment.

Then why not be grateful for things you already have? Simply, think in this way there are so many people out there feeling dull and sad, and yet here you are deciding to work on yourself.

You are your own hope isn’t it amazing? Express gratitude towards it. That how incredible you are, for deciding to want a better life. But that’s not it.

Gratitude Wallpaper

Know how to be happy and how to feel happy in the present moment by just looking around you. Pick out 5 things you are grateful for.

Now, put a smile on your face yes, even if you are not feeling it, and out loud or in your mind say thank you to those 5 things.

Feel the feelings of being blessed for things that you have. Continue this process through out the day. If you can’t remember to be grateful use wallpaper!

Grateful wallpaper to be happy

Everytime you pick up your phone and unlock your phone list out things you are grateful for. Wallpaper will be a great reminder and also an instant way to know How to feel happy.

Gratitude prompts

3) Music

Music/Vibration/ Frequency it all exist in our surroundings. As simple as bird chirping on trees and rustling of leaves and so on.

Music is an ultimate way you will know how to be happy on your own. You can listen to your regular music but best way to how to be happy is listening to something different which you won’t often listen.

Ditch your current playlist and listen to songs when you were young. Maybe teenagers or used to listen when you used to be in school. This will instantly boost your mood. Because this songs will take you to your nostalgic time.

Music to be happy

Another thing with music is consciously choose to listen to positive songs with positive lyrics. And if you don’t like such type of music then listen to some frequency or nature videos.

My personal favourite is rain videos I like monsoon so thoroughly enjoy those sound. You can try beach waves video and so on. And even that’s not your favourite then you can always find 432Hz and 538Hz frequency.

Music is ultimate way for you If you want to know how to feel happy.

Food to have to be happy

4) Food

Nobody feels sad after having a really delicious meal.

While sugar is the first thing comes to our mind when it’s related to happiness right? Like some chocolate cake or ice-cream or how about some candies?

Well in this case yes you can have sugar but for long term this sugar will give you temporary happiness and eventually you are going to feel guilty for eating it, then why not try something different?

How about some really good Egg, bacon, avocado and cheese bagel? And if you are not going out how about trying something on your own like a new recipe?

Food is the best thing that can happen to anybody? Because while you are making something you are in the present moment and after the dish is ready you feel happy.

Food with high frequency to be happy

It’s like yayy! I did it I made something healthy and on my own which is delicious too! Well take out are easier to have but to prepare something on your own and have it that joy is completely different.

So, try to create recipes which are healthy, with little effort and delicious. Which will align with your health goal and is perfect for you in long term.

Here is a list of food with high frequency and as you know higher frequency, higher the vibration and it will directly boost your mood.

5) Movement

“How to be happy” is really about “How to feel happy,” and guess what? Movement plays a big role in that! Getting active can boost your mood and make those happy feelings flow.

I get it—it sounds crazy to think about moving when you’re already in a bad mood. But here’s the thing: sometimes the best way to shake off those blues is to do exactly what you dread. Trust me, a little movement can work wonders for lifting your spirits!

Movement of body to make yourself happy

But here’s the thing: movement of any kind is directly related to your mood. You might have heard that taking a walk can instantly lift your spirits. It’s true! A little bit of movement can make a big difference in how you feel.

I hear you. Sometimes, the idea of going for a walk can feel like more hassle than it’s worth—you have to get dressed, think about the weather, and actually leave the house. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to get moving and boost your mood without all that fuss!

How about some 15 minute strect instead? That you can do in your PJ’s. Or some HIIT workout which will make you grasping for every bit of oxygen in your room.

How to feel happy? play some random music any kind of you like and start dancing to it. Simply jump and move your hands in the air it’s that simple!

There are so many YouTube videos you can look up just type in dance workout and tons of result will be right infront of your eyes.

If you want to make it more fun, try something a bit unconventional—like an 80s workout! It’s totally different from your regular routine, and your mind will be engaged by the retro vibes and cheesy music. Plus, it’s a blast to watch and do something new!

6) Journaling

Delulu is the solulu if you are looking for how to be happy on your own.

Sometimes everything feels misplaced everything feels sad and lonely. Even deep down you know this is not the reality yet it’s hard to believe it.

Sad memories and thoughts get attracted immediately even if something even as minor as spilling coffee on your dress can ruin your entire day.

Gratitude Prompts

So having a micro habit about writing down things you are grateful for can make a huge difference while making you happy. Sometimes feelings can get complicated but if you engage your senses of touch, eyes, and thoughts.

Writing down your emotions can make a huge difference. While you are writing you are in present moment your eyes are on the paper so nothing matters and your body that is your hands are engaged to write down.

You can create imaginary scenarios and write down a detailed memory about how a perfect day in your life looks like. Simple journal prompt to make you happy are easily available. Find the question you relate to and write down.

Happy memories prompt's to be happy

This method will immediately shift your mood and will make your feel happiness in current moment.

Talk to friends and be happy

7) Talking

If you have friends and family members who are good listener then you can talk to them.

While you might not feel safe to talk about your feelings or any bad memories that’s fine you can talk anything. Any random show you saw you can discuss this with your friends. Or share childhood memories with your parents.

But if you still feel burden then talk to universe, God, Allah whoever you worship. Sometimes it’s easier for you to get those annoying thoughts out of your head.

Easiest way is held accountable to universe and say it out loud what’s bothering you. Talk about everything good things bad things and what’s wrong. You might not get solution to your problem but you will feel relief.

And sometimes you might get answers to your solution just by talking out loud. Because if we can be therapist to our friend and give them advice. We can definitely listen to our problem and find out solution on our own.

8) Watching

how to be happy while watching something

While social media can get annoying with all those people always traveling and eating out and living luxurious lifestyle. It definitely takes toll on our mental health.

So how to be happy while watching something?

Well, there are so many options you can choose from first among them are compilation videos of people falling, random pets with weird faces and so on.

This compilation videos are short simple and can instantly boost your mood. But someone getting hurt is not something you really like to watch then you can always rely on shows

Shows like modern family, friends, office can definitely help you crack up. But with shows like this there is always fear of getting addicted and constantly binge watching.

Remember you want to know how to be happy.

Many people get attached to shows because it provides comfort but at the same time constantly watching episode after episode will not take you anywhere.

So you need to be careful about it.

But if you have time in your hand then you can definitely watch a movie. There are so many comedy movies out there which will help you relax. You can also switch up to rom-com genre too!

9) Affirmation

What you tell yourself plays important role in how to be happy.

How to be happy affirmation

If you are constantly stuck in your negative thoughts and emotions no matter what you do it will always come down to ruining your mood.

Affirmation can play such an important role. For some people it might take some time but constant repetition of affirmation can help many people and it will help you too!

How to be happy affirmation

10) Detox

How to be happy? or how to feel happy? if you are stuck in same thoughts?

While physical detox are always in talks try a different way of detox.

You can try this seven day mental diet from this. This detox help you with your thoughts and how to deal with negative thoughts process.

Social media detox is another thing you need to do if you are constantly feeling drained. Because social media

11) Slef-care

Self care is self love. If you don’t love what you are who you are then how come you will ever be happy with yourself?

Most of the people avoid this they don’t care how they look how they dress up because nothing is making them feel good about themselves. And that directly affects your mood.

Self-care is your answer to how to be happy instantly.

Try your form of self-care any kind that you could think of. Create a routine like simple morning routine which is easy to follow or as simple as applying your favourite face mask.

Fuel your body, mind, and soul with the TLC they deserve. Snooze peacefully, munch on wholesome goodies, get those endorphins flowing with some sweat-inducing workouts, and carve out moments for hobbies that make your heart sing.

Don’t forget, that prioritizing self-care isn’t a luxury; it’s a non-negotiable for keeping your mojo intact and your spirit soaring!

Self-care is your answer to how to be happy instantly.

Please note that while these tips may contribute to answer your question on how to be happy, individual experiences vary, and achieving happiness is a complex and personal journey influenced by various factors. It’s important to seek professional help if you’re struggling with mental health issues or experiencing significant challenges in life.

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