Girls Night Ideas

25 Girls Night Ideas that you will never forget

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Galentine’s day party? Girls night out? Whatever you call it we all deserve some amazing time with our Girl Gang. 

Yes, Brunches and all are great but to have some amazing time together with girls can be tough. With all those busy schedule and everyone having so much on their plate taking time off is hard thing. And best thing is to make most of the time from everyone’s busy schedule will be at night.

So even if you thinking about hangovers then don’t worry about it. Alcohol is not the only way we can enjoy out time together. The best way to spend some amazing time together with your gal-pal by doing some fun and productive activities. 

Don’t worry about the essential I have covered everything that you need for Galentine’s day and what can you do to make the best girls night out that you will ever remember!

Snacks Night for Girls Night

1 Snack Night:

Yes, you might have seen reels or tiktok where each person from a group brings a color coded snacks. This is so creative way to have party and to try all kind of snacks.

If you are someone who really are not into snacks the  go for Boards or any food type like Mexican food, Indian food you can have so much fun with it.

Movie Marathon for Girls Night

2 Movie Marathon:

How many of you decided to watch movie but yet never got time to watch it? Invite your friends over for a marathon of your favorite romantic comedies or chick flicks.

Ask them if they want any movie to watch. Watching movies with friends is such a fun memory to have. 

A good Spa Night for Girls Night

3 Spa Night:

Self-care is the best care everyone needs in their life. Then why not set up some DIY spa day for your girls night?

Create stations for massages, facials, and pedicures. The soft robes and slippers are essential! Great way to Introduce your friends to new skincare techniques.

Cooking Class for Girls Night Ideas

4 Cooking Class:

Together, take a culinary lesson or just spend a fun evening experimenting with new recipes.

Because let’s face it no matter how delicious outside food is whenever we binge eat it we do have little guilt inside of us.

So, If you prepare delicious food at home you can be healthy and guilt free. Try some cooking class this Galentine’s day.

Game Night a perfect Girls Night
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5 Game Night:

Obviously, we are not going to sit infront of our PC! A game night is perfect way to get entertain and to stay away from screens!

Play a variety of board games, card games, and video games at a game night you host. You can even make it a potluck and have everyone bring their favorite snack to share

Cozy Brunch
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6 Brunch:

Even this are Girls night out Ideas you can still Visit with your friends while enjoying a magnificent breakfast meal the next day and the mimosas are a must-have!

Or else how about brunch theme Night out with lots of chocolate chip pancakes and some delicious warm waffles?

Girls Night Out with Dance Party
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7 Dance Party:

Dance is the most essential party of any girls night out. In your living room, turn up the music and throw a dance party.

No one to judge! Just Dance away all your stress from your hectic day!

Wine Party a perfect Girls Night
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8 Dance Party:

Wine and Galentines goes so well together! Girls night  out with wine is unimaginable.

You should host a wine tasting party and invite your pals. To pair with the wines, you may even choose a cheese and charcuterie platter.

Yummy Charcuterie Board
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9 Charcuterie Board:

Create Charcuterie Board with your friends. The most aesthetic and yum way to spend time together.

Pottery Class for Girls Night
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10 Pottery Class:

Take a pottery lesson together or just have a fun evening experimenting with various ceramic methods at home.

You can also play with clay and create some fun artifacts.

11 Pot Painting:

If you are someone who don’t want to clean up all the mess pottery makes then why not do something fun as Pot painting!.

You can always look up on Pinterest for fun Ideas and then recreate them!

12 Book Club:

With your friends, start a book club, and celebrate Galentine’s Day at your first meeting.

This is such a cool way to start reading because no matter how many new years resolutions we make to read more books sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them!

This way you can start reading books and the best part is to share your favourite parts of the story from your book or simply talking about that particular book.

Crafts Night
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13 Craft Night:

A craft night will inspire creativity. You can learn how to paint, crochet, or even make jewelry.

Craft night is the best way to get all your creative juices flowing. The best part about crafts night is, it is cheap but can later turn out to be your hobby.

14 Webseries Night:

Bring your Friends over for a night of webseries. Either pick a specific series to watch, or ask everyone to bring their favourite series to watch together.

Since, webseries are long so you don’t have to spend your time on what to watch next. 

High Tea for Girls Night
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15 High Tea:

Invite your friends over for a fancy high tea party. You can serve a variety of tea blends, scones, and dainty sandwiches. High Tea seems so luxurious thing to host on Galentine.

16 Girls’ Night Out:

Head out on the town with your friends for a night of dancing, drinks, and good company.

Go out of your comfort zone if you are someone who prefers staying at home. 

Karaoke Night for Girls Night
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17 Karaoke Party:

Have a singing contest with your friends by turning on the karaoke machine. Remember to have plenty of snacks and beverages to fuel the fun. 

18 Scavenger Hunt:

Make a scavenger hunt that your friends can finish. You may either develop a list of things for them to find or turn it into a photo scavenger hunt where they must snap images of certain objects. 

Yoga class for girls night
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19 Yoga Class:

Together, go to a yoga class or practice in your living room. Don’t forget to pack plenty of pillows and blankets for comfort. And to set the mood always have candles around!

Candle making at girls night
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20 Candles Making:

Candles are such a essential things to have and the best candles are the one which are home made!

So, create your girls night out with some candle making workshop. This is the easiest and most productive girls night you can have, play with essential oil and create your own favorite smell.

Candle making is easy and you can create it by just watching YouTube video.

21 Talent Show:

Have a talent show you host and invite your friends to participate you host and invite your friends to participate in. Even judges and awards for the winners are choices.

22 Wine and Paint Night:

Bring your buddies over for a night of painting and drinking. A local artist can come teach the lesson in person, or you can just follow along with a YouTube video.

Murder Mystery night

23 Murder Mystery Dinner:

Invite your pals to a dinner party where the murder is being solved. You can make your own murder mystery kit or buy one already built.

24 DIY Flower Arranging:

Invite your friends over for a party where your DIY flower arrangements.

You can either assemble your own supplies and make your own arrangements or buy a flower arranging kit.

25 Vision Board:

Even though it’s february not all of us were able to create vision board. So, why not host a vision board night out party where you take and create pictures with your friends print them up and you are ready for the night! 

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