8 Best Oils for Eyelash Growth

Transform Your Eyelash Naturally: Exploring the 8 Best Oils for Growth

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Many people think that the only way to get thicker and fuller eyelashes is by getting lash extensions or by using false lashes. Many people do tend to walk the extra mile and go for surgery. 

But it’s not the only option if you think. I’ve got your back if you want to follow experts and naturally grow thick eyelashes. You can grow your eyelashes naturally at home with some best home remedies. 

First, follow some home remedies which will kickstart your thicker and fuller eyelash journey.

You can use a variety of natural oils to hydrate and care for your eyelashes. And certainly, they can get thick and dense with consistent use.

8 Best Oils for Eyelash Growth

Wait no longer and explore the facts if you are interested in finding out more about those natural oils!

Our eyelashes not only make our eyes look more beautiful, but they also shield them from dirt and other foreign objects. As a result, maintaining our lashes is crucial.

 Using natural oils can be a more effective and secure alternative to the many products on the market that promise to restore the health of our eyelashes. 

Let’s begin the journey of the best natural oils for eyelash growth.

1 Castor Oil

Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known oil when it comes to growing your eyelash at home is Castor Oil. Castor Oil has hydrate and nourishing properties making it a choice among many experts.

Fatty acids and vitamin E are high in them, which nourish hair follicles and encourage growth. Castor oil also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that can treat inflammation and reduce itching.

Coconut Oils for Eyelash Growth

2 Coconut Oil

The good old coconut oil can be easily found in grocery stores and many people have this oil in their houses.

Coconut oil includes lauric acid, a fatty acid that can enter hair follicles and encourage growth. Coconut oil also has hydrating qualities that can stop dryness and breakage. Apply a small amount of coconut oil to your eyelashes before night using a fresh mascara wand or cotton swab.

3 Olive Oil

We all know how good olive oil is for our health. This oil is used in so many ways from haircare, skincare, and to salad dressing.

Your eyelashes can be strengthened and nourished with olive oil, a natural oil. Vitamin E, which can encourage growth and prevent breaking, is present and it is abundant in fatty acids. Olive oil also contains antioxidant qualities that can save your lashes from damage brought on by free radicals.

The best part is that olive oil may easily be used to remove makeup. Thus, use cotton bathed in olive oil to remove your eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, etc.

So having a bottle of Olive Oil in your house can be used in so many ways. From your hair mask, skincare and now help you boost your eyelash growth.

Olive Oil for Thicker Eyelashesh

4 Almond Oil

One of the greatest oils for eyelash growth is sweet almond oil. It benefits your hair, nails, and eyelashes in addition to your eyelashes. 

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which are abundant in almond oil, help nourish and strengthen your eyelashes. Almond oil also has moisturizing qualities that might help stop dryness and brittleness.

It is abundant in monosaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and calcium. In addition, sweet almond oil makes them less fragile and healthier. As a result, your eyelashes will be less damaged and shed less often.

5 Jojoba Oil

Your lashes will like this powerful natural oil, which is yet another option!

Jojoba oil, which contains the vitamins E, and B complex, chromium, zinc, and copper, is a gift for your eyelashes. Also, the oil’s high iodine content shields the lashes from bacterial and fungal infections.

The lashes are kept hydrated by jojoba oil. Moreover, it makes them fuller and thicker. The lash follicles can also quickly absorb the oil.

Natural oil known as jojoba can hydrate and nourish your eyelashes. Its abundance of vitamins and minerals helps encourage growth and guard against breakage. Jojoba oil also has antimicrobial qualities that can shield against infections and calm inflammation.

6 Argan Oil

Your eyelash problems can also be quickly resolved with Moroccan argan oil, commonly known as “liquid gold.” You won’t ever regret choosing to include the pure version of this oil in your regimen for caring for your lashes. 

Your eyelashes can be strengthened and nourished by using the all-natural oil called argan. Vitamin E, which can encourage growth and prevent breaking, is present and it is abundant in fatty acids. 

Argan oil also contains antioxidant qualities that can shield your lashes from damage brought on by free radicals.

Avocado Oil for fuller eyelashes

7 Avocado Oil

When you hear Avocado image of avocado toast comes in front of my eyes. But ignoring that delicious avocado toast there are numerous benefits in Avocado oil as well.

Popular choices for promoting healthy eyelashes include avocado oil. Fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals found in abundance in this oil help nourish and fortify the lashes.

Oleic acid, which is present in avocado oil, can hydrate and strengthen lashes. By doing this, they can avoid drying out and becoming brittle, which could cause breakage and damage.

Avocado oil includes vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that can shield the lashes from environmental harm, in addition to oleic acid. Moreover, vitamin E helps increase blood flow to hair follicles, which may encourage healthy development.

8 Rosehip Oil

Another organic oil that can help to support healthy eyelashes is rosehip oil. The vital fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants found in this oil can aid to nourish and strengthen the lashes.

The high vitamin A concentration of rosehip oil, which is necessary for healthy hair development, is one of its main advantages. Sebum, which can hydrate and nourish the lashes, can be stimulated by vitamin A. In addition, it can aid in avoiding breakage and damage.

Vitamin C and vitamin E, two potent antioxidants that can shield the lashes from environmental harm, are also present in rosehip oil in addition to vitamin A. Moreover, these vitamins may aid in enhancing blood flow to hair follicles, which may encourage healthy development.

Oil for Eyelashes

A few of the common qualities shared by the above oils can aid in promoting eyelash growth. They are all abundant in fatty acids, which are crucial for promoting healthy hair development. The hair follicles can be nourished by these fatty acids, which can also enhance the overall health of the lashes.

Another benefit of many of these oils is that they are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are critical for strong hair development. For instance, vitamin E, which is frequently found in these oils and is believed to improve blood circulation while also protecting against free radicals, is known to promote healthy hair development.

Lastly, a lot of these oils have hydrating qualities that may help guard against dryness and breakage. This is significant as damaged and broken lashes are more likely to have dry and brittle lashes.

Last but not least, a number of these oils include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities that may be able to treat irritation and prevent infections. This is critical since itchy or inflamed lashes may be more prone to shedding.

In conclusion, the above oils have many characteristics in common that can encourage eyelash growth, such as their high fatty acid content, vitamin and mineral content, moisturizing capabilities, and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

effective way to promote healthy eyelashes

While natural oils can be a safe and effective way to promote healthy eyelashes, it is important to keep a few things in mind to ensure that you use them safely and effectively:

1. Use high-quality oils: 

It is important to use high-quality, pure oils to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits for your eyelashes. Look for oils that are cold-pressed and organic, and avoid oils that contain additives or synthetic fragrances.

Look for the review of that product and then only use it on your eyes. Don’t use that oil if you feel suspicious about its quality or if the oil smells rancid.

Use high-quality oils to promote healthy eyelashes

2. Perform a patch test: 

A patch test is really important while testing any oil. Because in this remedy you are using oil directly near your eyes and you do not need to take any risk. Before using any new oil on your eyelashes, perform a patch test on a small area of your skin to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction. 

Apply a small amount of the oil to the inside of your wrist and wait 24 hours to see if any redness or irritation occurs.

3. Use a clean applicator: 

When applying oil to your eyelashes, it is important to use a clean applicator to prevent contamination and infection. Use a clean mascara wand or cotton swab to apply the oil, and avoid sharing your applicator with others.

Keep this applicator in a clean and dry area. Or create a separate bottle to store your wand and oil.

Use a clean applicator to promote healthy eyelashes

4.Use the oil sparingly: 

Just because it’s good for your eyelash does not mean you should apply it in large amounts. Make sure you are applying an adequate amount.

While natural oils are generally safe to use, it is important to use them in moderation to avoid irritation or clogging of the hair follicles. Use a small amount of oil and avoid applying it too close to the eye.

Oils like castor oil have thick and sticky consistency so you have to keep that in mind.

5. Be patient: 

While natural oils can help promote healthy eyelashes, it may take several weeks or even months to see results. Be patient and consistent with your oil use, and continue to take good care of your lashes by avoiding harsh makeup removers and using a gentle cleanser.

6 Cleaning

Just like any other product leave this oil overnight so you will not touch it or usually rub your eyes at night. There is less chance of this oil spreading over and near the eyes.

But make sure you also remove this oil and let your eyelash breathe. Don’t put this oil 24×7 on your eyelashes. 

Extra tip on How to take care of your Eyelashes Naturally

Well, the main thing is done once you start applying oil on your eyelash you will see results. But for results to appear it does take a little while.

7 Keep it clean

Make sure that the container you are using to store your oil is clean and free of bacteria. You can use a clean dropper or a small brush to apply the oil to your eyelashes.

8 Avoid contact with eyes

When applying oil to your eyelashes, be careful not to get any oil into your eyes. If oil gets into your eyes, it can cause irritation and discomfort. Use a small amount of oil and apply it gently with a clean mascara wand or a cotton swab.

There are certain methods you might want to attempt to achieve those thick, voluminous eyelashes in addition to using natural oils to nurture and enhance your lashes.

1 Cleansing

It is important just like how you apply oil in eyelashes you need to remove that oil as well. And you have to make sure that you are gentle otherwise all your efforts will be of no use.

Similarly, if you use liner or mascara make sure you get that out before you apply oil on your eyelash.

2 Relax

Make some days where you do not apply any product to your eyes. Not even oil! Let them breathe and the eyelash follicles relax.

3 Eyelash Comb

On days like this where you are going to not apply anything to your eyelash. Use an eyelash comb so it will help with blood circulation.

In summary, using natural oils for healthy eyelashes can be a safe and effective option, as long as you use high-quality oils, perform a patch test, use a clean applicator, use the oil sparingly, and be patient with the results.